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Monday, January 08, 2007
  Lost Challenge - The Middle
*'Lost' theme music plays*
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Welcome back!
*end theme music*

Hello everybody!
*giggling from behind the set* 13 yr old disembodied voice is heard: Hello Dr Nick!
*ahem* Where did that come from? Well that was a rather eventful first week we had! Ups, downs, sims passing out, sims getting shot down, fires and promotions. Let's see how their second week goes and we'll start with the 'rescue'.

No surprise that Charlie had the highest aspiration points to 'lead the rescue' and pick his closest friend back to the island. Unfortunately this photo was taken after the sim was 'rescued'... some one lost their job over this... it won't happen again.

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As you can see, there was a tie between Hurley and Sayid, the 6-sided-die came out again. Odd for Sayid... even for Hurley... she rolled a 5. Sorry Hurley.

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So you were put in charge of the garden, Sayid... weren't you worried about the other half of the challenge 'trend'?
Sayid: What trend is that? The one where the one 'rescued' is also the first to be 'taken' in week 2?
Well in a word... yes.
Sayid: Naturally, and that is why I skilled diligently and worked on my badges in hopes to dispel the challenge 'trend'.

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You had a special visitor I see.
Sayid: Shaunna? Oh yes, she came to see how we on the island were doing.
She is the reason you're all here, isn't she?
Sayid: Well yes... and no.. I mean, she was going to play eventually, too many fun blogs by all the folks in the group for her to resist forever... Shaunna just rushed things ahead of schedule.

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What's this?
Sayid: Oh it was Shaunna's birthday Friday and we wanted to thank her in style. We had to spend the ยง20k I brought back with me, so we could afford to give her a very expensive thank you/birthday gift.

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Kate? Weren't you worried about aspiration points? You weren't that far ahead of Sayid, you know.
Kate: Pffft... I had the 'trend' on my side... I wasn't too worried.
You're kidding me right? I mean... what about that disaster?

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Kate: It was barely a 'date' really... I don't even remember her name and it's not as if I ever heard from her again.
You and Charlie had been flirting back and forth... you didn't think he would mind?
Kate: Mind? Of course... I just didn't expect him to come home when he did... besides he brought a girl home with him.

Charlie: Uh, hello... she was a co-worker, a friend and a potential best friend for aspiration and promotional purposes.

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Kate: You simply over reacted, Charlie.

Tuesday 6:00 am... *ding* It's time!
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Odd technical difficulties with Jack's photo... suffice it to say, someone was let go again.. and for the record, Jack had 10,750 aspiration points.

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So Kate... how did that theory of the challenge 'trend' work out for you?

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Who's the girl, Locke?
Locke: I.. um... well, I don't know... I couldn't get her to stop... I tried several times to greet her but she wouldn't pay attention to me. It was the oddest thing really.

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Who's your friend Jack?
Jack: I um, couldn't tell you her name really. I don't think I ever got around to asking her...
Don't tell me... you went back to fishing didn't you.
Jack: Skilling actually, and yes I did. I um, thought someone else would want to meet her and befriend her... did no one find out the young lady's name?

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Kate: Just a friend? Is that what you call 'just a friend'?!
Charlie: Actually that is what you would call her. I call her Cleo and one helluva kisser. *eyebrow wiggles*

Locke, I thought Sayid was in charge of the garden...
Locke: Oh we couldn't decide who was really in charge... we all pretty much helped. This challenge was getting the better of her and we were all scattered for a while unfortunately. You will notice in the end score.

More friends and potential aspiration points?
Locke: She is so pretty.. I uh... apparently have a problem talking to beautiful women...
Kate: You don't have trouble talking with me & Sun...
Locke: As I was saying...

Okay! So it's about that time... "Same bat channel, same bat time"!
Ha! Kate's face is absolutely priceless. I love that she is so whatevs about the woman she went on a date with.

And Jack, such a nice guy! He is so devoted to his fishing and skilling woman for our boy Jack???
yay Sayid's back! Poor Locke- that girl really doesn't like him much huh?
I figured Kate was a stayer what with her dates and all.
Jack is sweet- hmm.. I may be changing my allegiance. :)
Silly KAte, relying on the Trend. I like whwne the unexpected happens. Very funny again!
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