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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
  Testing Page 3

Next test! Water. Okay kiddos, climb in.


And we take away the ladder.


Oops… this will not do. We cant have the bystanders ruin our test by summoning the SW. So we use the single fill all needs for each of the bystanders.


And I fill all needs with the exception of energy for the test subjects. O.o *facepalm* why didn’t I just drain their energy?! Because I just now thought of it? Uh ya … that’s why. *sighs*


Its night time, they’re finally getting tired. My daughter walked in about this time and asked why they’re platinum… simple… they both had wants to gain body skill points.


Synchronized whining… who will tire out first?


CG wins… erm loses… is lost first.


CB swam across the pool to cry for her and was lost half way there.


Its cool how Grim is floating over him just as he dies. *sits fascinated*


So, EO was right… as are the others. Fire and water work well, starvation is out. As for illness and satellites, they are so random and take so long that I didn’t try them out… maybe next time…

Disclaimer: I did not save… all children, toddlers and teens are still alive and kicking somewhere in Veronaville. I would say no children were harmed but that would be a lie… *shrugs*
All in the name of science!
This is good to know. In the name of science of course!
You hated every minute of this experiment didn't you? I can tell :D
Loved it!!!
You were far too fascinated by this "experiment" I think. *peers at Ruby* But good to know if I get a kid who really bugs the heck out of me! *giggles*
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