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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
  The Backyard
Welcome to 'the Backyard'...
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Greetings everyone, I'm ruby... oh you knew that... I'm just nervous. Why? That's easy, if you knew what was behind me you'd be nervous too... well not 'what' but who...

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Yup, you guessed it, we're at the Backyard and behind me is none other than Beans, Jenn and Suzie. I'm always the odd one out, I even have the wrong shirt on. *sigh*

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Suz sent me an e-mail asking me my opinion... how does one say no to Suz? I haven't figured that out yet, but I will pass along the information once I figure it out. In the meantime, she wants us, the occupants for the Backyard to say hi and maybe give a word or two or memory or whatever as a thanks to Beansie and all.

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So here she is... and none to happy to be here from the look of it.
Beans: What? Oh no, I have work to do... that house needs to be finished for Twoyys and there is the pirates and you know you started a hornets nest with your annoying taunts. I was just fine with the 3 RP's a day until you and your elf boy. Hmph!
Um, sorry?

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I dragged Jenn in here as a buffer... and because she's been feeling out of sorts lately. No one plays her they all play the Wooto Jenn... says she, but it aint true... and she doesn't look happy to be here either.
Jenn: I just have so much homework to do...
All work and no play makes Jenn a something something... *scratches head*

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And since this was all Suz's idea, she came kicking and screaming... heh, not really she is the only one not giving me a hard time about this.

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I mean, come on... who doesn't love the Backyard? Where else can you get such quality entertainment for beads? Where else can you get bonked over the head with a shovel for stealing someone's fictional halo? Where else do you have such good friends who understand that sometimes you just can't stand to look at your sims anymore and the creative juices just aren't there... and they don't balk and scoff? So I unpaused the game to see what kind of reaction we would have. Last time I was put in the Backyard I was mean to Lisa... She isn't here this time, so maybe I'll be nicer... ya, I don't think so either...

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So far so good... I'll do my interview soon... apparently the host guy just walked in the house tired of waiting for us to get on with our day.

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Oh that hurt.. nice butt... um, right... anyhow, as per usual in the Backyard...

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Beans got back to building that house, which by the way is awesome.

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Jenn let loose and danced in her panties and beads... shake that money maker girl!

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Naturally Suz fired up the grill and didn't burn 'em, yeah!

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And me, I sat here in the sandbox waiting for Lisa who wouldn't come because I apparently don't have her... hmmm... why don't I have my Lisa? *pout* who is going to play with me in the sandbox? *whine*

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Anyhow, before things get too far ahead, Suz and I talked briefly about this... everyone should get in to the swing of things.. some may be able to get this done before others... ya know how I am, naturally I jumped in it with both feet and here we are... I can't do things half way, its all or nothing... why do I have to be so extreme?

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*cries* Ruby!!! You have to get me so I can make sandcastles with you!
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