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Saturday, January 06, 2007
  Lost Challenge - The Ending
*'Lost' theme music plays*
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Welcome back!
*end theme music*

Wow, you came back? Impressive! Last episode we had yet another tie for the one to be 'taken' by the 'Others'. The 6-sided-die was again rolled, odd for Jack... even for Sayid... Oh and there goes the die... what do you mean she wanted to re-roll... um, she can't do that... I know she's the producer... but its against the rules, he had to go... I'm not gonna tell her!

Jack: That's okay... I told her. It's not right that Sayid should go because she wanted me to win.
Wait, you know her?
Jack: Why yes, we met... she's quite something... um... I, uh... won't continue that thought... it's private... suffice it to say, she was okay with me leaving.
Sayid: Hold it, she wanted me to leave? Oh that hurts.

Oh nice one Charlie, did they all turn out good for you?
Charlie: Nah, just a few... this was a good one though.

Rescue time, let's see... no surprise, Charlie has the highest aspiration points and again no surprise it is Jack coming back to the island. Welcome back Jack!
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As a last ditch effort, having seen it work for Sayid, Jack tries desperately to get a few more aspiration points... Tuesday morning 6:00 am, everyone freeze!
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Oh the 'trend' got you I see...
Jack: Yes, I wasn't as lucky as Sayid was the week before. Not to worry, I had fun.

Locke: Charlie, what did you do to Cleo? Man, I thought you had better class than this!
Charlie: Dude, I had nothing to do with it... I have no idea what she was crying about...

Charlie: Ah, but I did her cheer her up... sweet aspiration points!

Congrats Sayid, I see your orange-aid worked for you!
Sayid: Yes, it was just enough to give me a silver in gardening.

Another fire? I thought all the fires were at the beginning of the challenge.
Sayid: Oh no, we had them sporadically throughout the challenge... sadly it became a common happening... thankfully we stopped losing points after a while.

You seem rather jovial here... any special occasion?
Sayid: Ah, yes... Sun and I had a dream date prior to this... and we some how managed to avoid the cameras. *sly grin*
Oh I sense someone losing their job over that one...

A gold badge in gardening? Nicely done Sayid!
Sayid: Thank you, the poor plants have suffered much through out this challenge.

Friday already, and its 6:00 am... you know the drill...
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I guess the dream date wasn't quite enough to keep you in the running. It was a great try.
Sayid: It seems the date benefited Sun more than I. It was a gamble and I lost. No regrets.

Kate: Nice moves, Charlie!

Sayid: What the 'boop'?! Sun, what is the meaning of this?

Sun: Oh that... well you see, I figured the dream date worked with you so maybe it would work against Charlie... I knew I was behind in points and hey, I was in this to win just like everyone else. Oh like you wouldn't have done the same if you were in my position.

Before we get to the end results, we had Sun give us a quick once around the 'island' or more accurately what was built by the contestants.
Thanks Sun, you make a great tour guide... *yawn*

Oh excuse me.... so shall we see the last aspiration comparison? Yes, you are right, we've dragged this one out long enough...
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And our clear winner is Charlie! Well, I'm sure no one is really all that surprised, are they? I know I'm not!

So Charlie, how does it feel to win this prestigious um, challenge?
Sawyer: Gods, I knew this challenge was fixed!
More sour grapes Sawyer? I'll have you know this is one so not fixed challenge. If it had been, she could have lied about that last die roll in Jack's favor...

Charlie: Huh... um, how do I feel? Well good, I guess... I mean, it's over... I won... but what does that mean exactly?
Simple it means you get to go back to your lives and um... hmmm...

So stay tuned for the end score!
Yay! Good-looking Charlie won again! =) I had fun reading these entriesq
Darn, I thought Sun was a definite contender. She had quite the strategy planned out.

And Charlie, once again! TDF that he takes it to the end in both of our attempts. Must have something to do with the asp...what was he?? Pop? I can't recall at the moment.

Oh, and I am loving Hugh. Such a good idea to have a host. I forgot to mention how funny Kate was with him last update! Seems like everyones got her number! ROFL!
wow with all those last ditch aspiration hits I thought Sayid might clinch it, but yay for Charlie- although stealing Sun from Sayid? ooh that smarts. :)
Charlie won again. Nice last ditch effort Sun, but it just wasn't enough.
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