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Monday, October 30, 2006
  Toddlers, Toddlers Every Where...
Greetings and welcome to my go at the Toddlermania Challenge. If you're interested in trying this challenge, and I think everyone should, I strongly suggest you have plenty of time to do this. Its a short challenge, sure... but I kept pausing it so it still took me several hours. I now officially have a headache... *g* and it was worth it! Now lets meet the babies... I'm sure you'll recognize them although I have numbered them for the challenge and my sanity. It was suggested in the rules to change the skins to colorful ones to make it easier. I wish I had listened! And now I present... the "family"

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Robbie: Um, Honey, what am I doing here... as a sim no less?
This is my hubby... or at least my sim version of my dear better half.
Robbie: It says my name is Quinton...
Yes I have a Rob here in Cedar Park. See, once you finish here you will become a townie and the kids will be put up for adoption. As I was saying, he has graciously volunteered to do this challenge with me.
Robbie: I did what?!
We will now mute my husband because he will only complain from here on out. Love you Robbie, really I do. Without further ado... Welcome to Cedar Park, now lets meet the toddlers:

Did you recognize any of them? If their clothes didn't give it away, then perhaps the hair? Or skin? Or heck their eyes? If you read any of the wonderful blogs that I do, such as Legacy Girls, Prosperity Falls and Prosperity Point to name a few, you will recognize them in time.

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Okay I'm officially frightened. I'm not sure what I have gotten myself in to and I can assure you I'm ready to pause and exit the house as is. Failed and chicken... but I don't... and the wee ones are off and running... er crawling.

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In the beginning I really thought the doll house was a great idea. I mean look at them, they are socializing and that is good... right? Um, from a "points" view, no not so much. If they're playing, they're not skilling. And you'll see later with my points, that is not such a fab thing. Ah well.. surviving is key at this point. Points aren't as important.

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So I take them one by one and I did well with the leaving and the next until oops I got distracted. Ah well, 4 out of 5 isn't too bad.. done? Okay next!

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Ugh kids, they're so demanding! If its not coming out one end, its going in the other. And this is still day one and I'm already tired. Come on Rob keep going. You can do it.

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Quick grab Baby 1, grab Baby 1! Ah nuts, okay diaper change #1... wont be the last... and it wasn't... between Baby 1 & 2 I wasn't sure if either would get toilet trained! Baby #2 was my last hold out.

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Along with the welcoming wagon, I stopped and greeted everyone that happened by. An extra pair of hands is key after all and nannies cost points! So thanks to all the helpful neighbors.

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And others that were not so helpful can go home now... what kind of family sim are you? Can you believe Lance refused to get a bottle for Baby 4? That is just rude!

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Oh Baby 6, no don't drink that... oh they sure don't listen to me. Okay Rob, er Quinton... new strategy... must dispose of bottles in a timely matter. Of course that didn't always happen and it was always Baby 6 grabbing a nasty bottle and getting sick. *shudder* That is just disgusting!

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Ah man, I missed him... I didn't even see this coming. I'm so sorry Baby 2, ya know I love ya! Honest! *sigh*

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Um Honey, now is not the time to play with the baby. Sheesh you take your eyes off of him for a second and he wants to play with Baby 5. That is very sweet and I realize the rest of the kids are in bed, but now is a great time to throw away bottles and empty those potties! Okay fine, just a few more minutes... you earned it.

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Check it out, we have our first potty trained tot! Yeah, who was it? Oh it doesn't matter, lets keep the trend going baby. Oh yeah, I'm feeling it now. Yes, yes pick it up if it bothers you that much and you do not have time to read to these kids... move it, there is work to be done!

Quick get Baby 3, get Baby 6.. no go that way ... whew... okay we did alright with the sleeping thing. Some how they ended up on different schedules, not everyone had to sleep at the same time. Made things a bit more manageable.

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Poor Baby 7, I would pout if my teeth were coming out of my chin too. That looks painful... are you gonna be okay? If it makes you feel better you grow up to very handsome! He looks so pitiful, I just want to hug him!

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Speaking of pitiful, gosh Robbie, I'm so sorry I am putting you through this. You'll thank me once you become a townie and have a taste of the good life. You'll never age and you'll always be this handsome... am I forgiven? Ya, didn't think so.

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Quick you're platinum, grow up Baby 6. No more spoiled bottles for you. Now you get jello until you move out.

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Come on Baby 4, lets keep that.. oh dang, just missed. At least she grew up well.

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One more for tonight, let's stay platinum Baby 3, we did a quick snuggle and a play-tickle for good measure. Yeah, well done, now you three pick up the nasty bottles please and thank you!

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A quiet moment before school starts and Robbie, er Quinton reads to his favorite toddler. Every time I can't find him, he's with Baby 5.

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Finally potty trained! Okay now would be a great time for you to grow up. Well done Baby 2!

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Thanks for waiting Baby 1, a quick snuggle and there she goes!

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Wait a minute, hold that toddler... we missed a birthday. Darn it... let's go see the damage shall we?

Odd that Robbie's memory says Baby 7 grew up well and the message said he grew up so-so. Well I think you are quite handsome Baby 7, despite that weird teeth/chin thing. Sorry I missed your transition.

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Okay Baby 5, its your turn. I know this one was hard for you to let go of Robbie, but ya did good!

It is time for a change of clothes a nice meal and a quick hug from the surrogate Daddy and the kids are off to the adoption pool. One quick good-bye before we go:

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Baby 1 - Jenn Wooto

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 2 - Jesse Jagger

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 3 - Joy Robbins

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 4 - Orchid Beans

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 5 - Quavi Robbins

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 6 - Rachel Ziese-Lecy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Baby 7 - Zaed Robbins

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Quick Robbie, run outside before they're gone... and just like that...

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Its all over. Whew what a ride that was...

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+ 3pts per toddler per toddler skill = 21
+ 3pts per toddler grows up well = 21
+ .5pts per skill earned = 9.5
+ 3pts per toddler for growing up platinum = 15
- 2pts per use of energizer painting = -8
- 2pts each time a nanny is hired = 0
+ 1pt each time a nanny piddles = 0
- 5pts each time the parent passes out = 0
- 5pts each shrink visit = 0
- 1pt each bottle deleted = 0
- 5pts each moveobjects use = 0
- 1pt each time a toddler passes out = -1
- 1pt each diaper change = -6
- 1pt each social services warning = 0

Total is = 51.5 points!
LOLOL I immediatley recognized Joy as a toddler....spied that one right away, but both Zaed and MISSED IT!!!!

Oh what a bad Sim mommy I am!

Soon as Quavi and Zaed grew up to kids, I knew them right away! Thanks for a great ride! *and the plug to the Falls*
"We will now mute my husband because he will only complain from here on out."
rofl... this was hilarious Ruby! Good old Robbie- um..Quinton. Great job and story.
I knew that "voulenteer" looked fimilliar...hullo Rob! What a good idea with all the little ones. I am favoring baby Rachel! What a cutie she is.

Nice work. Still have not had the time to brave through this one myself, but now I might have to put my hubby in mine! Very well done.
I love how you muted your hubby. Wich I could do that IRL with mine. *hehe* I recognized Jenn, Orchid and Jesse. Woot! Great challenge - I'll have to try this one someday. ;)
Excellent job!!! You did way better than me. No Nannies!!! Amazing! The neighbors can be helpful and then sometimes, not so much. The doll house is good when their social is low but yeah a distraction at other times. I love all the "famous" tots. Of course I knew baby Rachel. Thanks for including the Packers PJs! That was cool! Not so cool when she pucked though. (Thanks to Shaunna for liking toddler me) I knew Joy and Jenn as tots too, but Quavi and Zaed not until they turned to childern. I haven't read Beans' blogs yet (on the list I swear) so I didn't know either of them. Great jobagain!!!
Just noticed the lot name. Too clever!!!
Great job! Whew, looks like exhausting work, but your hubby will enjoy life as a townie! Hope that will make up for all the damage :) Good score! Yeah!
Not only am I a group lurker, but a blog lurker as well. I recognized Jenn, Zaed, Quavi (that orange skin was a dead give away), and somewhat Jesse.

Great story, going to check the rules out. I may have to try this one.
Horray for sim-me!!

Nice job on this one...making me want to try...must resist temptation...must get back to Zoe..........
WTG with a great story. I love how you named them baby 1, baby 2, made it really easy to follow.

I loved the Packers PJ! (grabs cheese head hat and puts it on)

Why have I never seen this challenge of yours before, Ruby?

I recognized Jenn and Rachel.

WTG!!! I haven't tried this one myself, but it looks like you did great.
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