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Thursday, September 21, 2006
  The House
'Dream house' 15575

Here we have the neighborhood shot... not too shabby... I'm not over joyed, but I'm darn proud of this house. I've done things I don't normally do... like build a house that isn't simply a box!

Some habits are hard to break for me, such as the front door. I have a tendency to shy away from a single door front door. I find a double front door less congested, which naturally threw off the floor plan a bit.. ah well, it was simply a guide line after all.

Another bad habit of mine... browns.. why... no idea! Originally I wanted to try the U shaped stairs, or something similar... then I realized I forgot to print out that tutorial.. perhaps in my next home.

Once furnished this will be the kitchen area with breakfast table.. or whatever that island thing was in the floor plan.

And this will be the dining room/ area ... gosh more reds, browns and tans.. I see a running theme.

I have no idea how to get any other type of fireplace in there with out moving my staircase... hmmm, perhaps I should have moved the stair case! None of the fireplaces made me happy and this one made me the least annoyed .... yes I speak 'bubba English' ... but I'm sure you get my drift.

Seeing how I'm not much of a tour guide, I've settled for over head first floor and...

an over head shot of the 2nd floor... I'm hoping that once we start adding landscaping and furniture I will warm up to this house more.. this wasn't the house I voted for... and the more I look at my pictures the sadder I get... I do have to say not using an auto roof is very frustrating.. rewarding once its complete sure, but I musta fussed for a good 30 minutes!

Total cost for house so far: ยง29,713
Good for you! I'm so happy for you. Really!
It looks great!! You did really well. And I think the brown and red looks loverly. *standing ovation*
Excellent Ruby! Congrats on not going with the autoroof (I always do too!) And I'm with you on the double doors! lol!
Now, don't forget to package, or just bin this empty house before you do anything else to it, so you have a base copy saved. :)
Nice! I am so very proud ;). And so very affordable too! I enjoy the earthy colors and like that the theme of them is carried thru the whole house.
Earthy colors are my favorites too! You did great, Ruby. The idea is to think outside the "box" and I think you succeeded. *pats Ruby on the back*
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